Shunning, Anti-Mormons to be Shunned – Mormon Quotes

Ensign, November 1981, pg. 67; “Since the spring of 1820, Lucifer has led a relentless attack against the Latter-day Saints and their leaders. A parade of anti-Christs, anti-Mormons, and apostate groups have appeared on the scene. Many are still among us and have released new floods of lies and false accusations. These faith-killers and testimony-thieves use personal contacts, the printed word, electronic media, and other means of communication to sow doubts and to disturb the peace of true believers… Avoid those who would tear down your faith. Faith-killers are to be shunned. The seeds which they plant in the minds and hearts of men grow like cancer and eat away the Spirit. ” – Carlos E. Asay

John 15:18If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

And so we are.  The problem lies in the terminology of course.  Anyone who speaks out against the teachings of the Church are called “anti-Mormons”.  Sadly, the truth is that we’re not anti-Mormons.  We love the Mormon people but we are anti-Mormonism.

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  1. Sheryll November 21, 2017 at 1:19 am #

    If a group of members in a org called a church are leAd by leaders .. To defend walls .. And shunn family members . The leaders of these org .. Need a boot in the butt right out the doors of these type of organized shunning cults .. If that is the way of social exposer to expose shunning for what it is abuse and miss guiding of the word of God .. Than that’s what these type of abusive leaders deserve . Because the only thing these leaders want is money … The don’t care about family members . Don’t care about god Christ .. Spirit or forgiveness . They want a group they can drain dry .. And if someone says hey . These folks are not teaching on the word . They are leading in an abusive manor . Inciurage shunning and other tricks of Satan and Satans lies and tricks . . Families work to keep families together not cults …

  2. Sheryll November 21, 2017 at 1:41 am #

    No … Wolves in Sheepskin .. Whom are have personality problems claim .. In order for us to run a church set on the foundation of Christ we need to shun folks … And family members and isolate ourselves … No folks being taught on the foundation if Christ should not fear to shun another person .. Or family member .. Therefore the leaders whom know they are not teaching on the foundation of Christ … Want to run and hide with there flock they have manipulated .. And brainwash them to shun .. Whom should they fear ?? No man .. If you need to have your folks taught to bully and become ungodly .and hide … If they are taught well and on the foundation of Christ they go out and teach and if folks don’t want to hear then .. They shun … Not the other way around .. You just claimed you are not teaching on the foundation of Christ …

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