Self Reliance

25 August

Just a quick thought of the day…

Why do we get so fixated on thinking that the God who created the universe wouldn’t be able to come up with a solution for our complicated lives?

blue footed booby1I was feeling lowly this morning over silly things.  Things like believing that if I had just done such and such other people’s lives would be SO much better…  (oh brother…)

And as I was doing this to myself I received a reminder from the Lord that He can take care of things regardless of my self centered belief that I can take care of things on my own.  A simple e-mail reminded me that God is greater than me and that I should’ve been on my knees.

I opened my e-mail and the picture to the left is what stared me in the face.  Somehow the other things weren’t so complicated anymore.  Imagine that!

There are things in this world that defy explanation. The blue footed booby bird is just such a case. Their name sounds as odd as their looks. The English name ‘booby’ is thought to have originated from the Spanish word bobo meaning clown, so named from the awkward way they walk.  Between their ambulatory skills and unique looks I could be entertained for hours. Ha!

Imagine if this little guy wasn’t living on a beach – what would his life be like? He’d be out of sorts here in Woodinville, WA as much as we are being self reliant. The lush green forests here provide great habitat for bears and bobcats, but not my new little friend.

I imagine our behavior of trying to control things and being self reliant apart from our Lord looks as silly as this bird does walking; a bunch of clowns.

Now…if God can create something such as this blue footed bird what’s to say He can’t figure out a solution for our concerns in life? It reminds me of what a friend told me years ago when he said; ‘Michelle, God doesn’t need you. He loves ya, but He really doesn’t need you’.  I think the bird proves that.

1 John 4:19; “We love him, because he first loved us.”

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