Today we’re looking at a talk given by LDS apostle, Russell Ballard he gave back in 2007. The reason this matters more than a decade later?

Members of the Church are still using this talk in their daily lives today.

Mr. Ballard’s talk focused on a handful of ‘facts’ about the Church that members could share with nonmembers who are seeking info on Mormonism.

General Conference, ‘Faith, Family Facts and Truth,’ October 2007

“Mormons place particularly strong emphasis on family as the basic unit of the Church and of society. We have a deep commitment to marriage (defined as a union between one man and one woman). Polygamy, a limited practice in the early pioneer days of the Church, was discontinued in 1890, some 117 years ago.


The majority of active Mormons at that time were practicing polygamy, and continued to do so until May 1904. It didn’t end in 1890 like Ballard claimed, or as the Church falsely claims.

My own family is just one example of how the Church sanctioned this behavior. See Edmunds-Tucker Act of 1887 for more info.

Mr. Ballard further explained the importance of how to tell nonmembers about the ‘restoration’…

Now is the time for all of us to reach out and tell others who we are. Prepare some simple facts such as those I have shared with you today and help those who are curious to know a little about the Church and then to want to know more about the Restoration of the gospel.”

Why didn’t Mr. Ballard encourage members to talk about Jesus, and how He provides salvation for all, because of His death on the cross?!?

Where’s Jesus? Does He exist in Mormonism outside a mere mention of His name in the title of their church?

When Christians share info with unbelievers, it’s always focused on Jesus, not their church. If someone asks where they can find more info, the Christian will invite them to one of their services, but the whole idea is to talk about Jesus, not an ‘ism’ they belong to.

Pray Mormons will think deeper about this all important topic, and know the difference between shallow talk, and deep truth!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor. 1:18