Proverbs 22:6; “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

In my beloved Utah there’s a natural (albeit strange) phenomena called ‘Pongo’. It’s a small forested area with one big problem. The entire 106 acre Aspen forest grew from one root system. This means if one dies, they all die. There are no new saplings growing from dropped seeds. What trees there are, has grown by the sheer force of the underground root system spreading across the land. Scientists discovered it in the ‘60’s and have determined it’s about 130 years old.

In addition to Pongo, a somewhat similar phenomena has taken over the Wasatch Front that originally took root on the eastern seaboard. Nepotism in the Church has been a long standing problem to everyone but those who belong to this human form of Pongo. Making matters worse is the force behind the root system – blasphemy.

From one generation to the next, teachings of Joe Smith’s false god was passed on down to the younger kids, who in turn did the same. The stronghold of ‘follow the prophet’ has choked out the chance for anything biblical to be introduced, and take root. Moreover, the blasphemous doctrines only grow worse over time.

We thought it’d be of use to know the background of some of the people we quote, so we’re starting a mini-series we’ll add to over time. Today we’re starting with the Richards family simply because of the numerous quotes we’ve come across as of late.

Our sketch of each family, while strictly limited, will include notable quotes for which they’ve been known, and who’s related to whom. For further info see links provided. Women aren’t on this list simply because they’re not part of the hierarchy of Mormonism, and are rarely if ever, quoted for doctrinal purposes.

Today we’re highlighting the Racist Rant of Stephen L. Richards. We don’t do this to bash Mormons, rather, we’re bringing attention to the unbiblical theology of Mormonism and what it’s produced.

The names of those pictured today are at the end of this article. Don’t forget to pray for the Mormons and ask what they think of the history presented here.

Where Is Wisdom? p. 390; “…Intermarriage between members of these great racial divisions are possible, but the progeny are usually feeble, not long-lived, and of poor physical quality; and no permanent self-propagating, homogeneous races can be generated by such intermarriages. Hence these different classes of mankind amount in effect to a difference in species. … Then as regards language, there is a very important difference…The Negro languages are also simple and not adapted for conveying any but the simplest ideas and thoughts.” – Stephen L Richards, 1955

Phineas Howe Richards

Sons and Grandsons

Franklin Dewey

George F Richards

Samuel Whitney

Willard Richards

Stephen L. Richards

LeGrand Richards

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1 Cor. 1:18