The Passing of Dr. Ron Carlson

It was with my utmost respect and sadness to find out a warrior for the Lord passed away last Thursday (June 16, 2011).  Dr. Ron Carlson laid down for a nap in the afternoon and as Ed Decker so eloquently stated, “woke up in heaven”.

Ron was an invaluable asset to me personally when I got out of Mormonism.  I was attending a small church in Woodinville, Washington and soon learned that not only did Ron write a book with Ed Decker whom I worked for at Saints Alive, but was also friends of my pastor and had known him from seminary.

I asked Ron and Ed to speak at the church I was attending for a series on cults and he readily hopped on board at my simple invitation.  While there, he took me aside out in the parking lot and handed me everything he had written or had on audio tape.  When he asked me about my family I had told him that no one was speaking to me at the time and he said “Michelle, always remember 1 John 4:4; greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world”.

Some weeks later when Kirk and I were considering a move to Utah to start a church, he took me aside again while visiting the Seattle area and lovingly told me that God would use me in mighty ways, but it’d be better for me and my kids to stay in Seattle.  Later that same month I received another confirmation of his counsel from Ed, a pastor in Oregon and a pastor in Utah.

Ron and Ed’s wise counsel have proven themselves true time and again since those early days of ministry work. I’ve been immeasurably blessed by his tireless work and personal insight and know the Lord of the Universe will hold Ron’s family in His hands to comfort them just as He did when He sent Ron to minister to me all those years ago.

To get more info on Ron you can visit his site here and also visit Ed’s tribute to him here