The grandson of Heber J. Grant, Truman Madsen(1926-2009) was an LDS scholar, author, BYU philosophy professor, and the poster child of what every Mormon parent would want from their kid.

One of his most celebrated works, Eternal Man, is still heralded by Mormons as a masterpiece, and many LDS leaders quote from him in their talks. You can find his book at Barnes and Noble, and other bookstores as well.

The title of this article is a play on words, if you will, from one of the chapter headings in Mr. Madsen’s book, entitled Rewarding Rewording. All our references can be found on pages 23-26.

Madsen’s book is a collection of soliloquies so blasphemous, it’s difficult to quantify how awful it really is in terms of how many have believed his lies. I’ve personally classified it as one of the top ten worst Mormon books ever published.

One of the most prominent comments he made, ‘Suicide is just a change of scenery’, still comes to mind each time I hear his name. You can find that un-profound thought of his on page 26.

We’ve listed the quotes below, but remember beloved, pray for those who’ve bought into this man’s ungodly wisdom!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor. 1:18

Whatever may be said of the spirit and body, death does not destroy the self, but only delimits it.

Immortality is in no sense conditional. It is inevitable and universal, even for sub-human intelligences.

Death, like all events, is lived through. It is comparable to the loss of an arm, and that is temporary.