Conference Report, April 1930, p. 97 “HELL HATH BOTH ENTRANCE AND EXIT During this hundred years many other great truths not known before, have been declared to the people, and one of the greatest is that to hell there is an exit as well as an entrance.

Hell is no place to which a vindictive judge sends prisoners to suffer and to be punished principally for his glory; but it is a place prepared for the teaching, the disciplining of those who failed to learn here upon the earth what they should have learned. … No man will be kept in hell longer than is necessary to bring him to a fitness for something better. When he reaches that stage the prison doors will open and there will be rejoicing among the hosts who welcome him into a better state.” – James E. Talmage

Matthew 25:46 “And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.”

If hell operates like Mr. Talmage said it does, God knows nothing of it.

The word ‘hell’ is mentioned in the Bible 54 times, and not one indicates hell has a type of revolving door where people can come and go as they please.

Mr. Talmage tried to placate fears people may have had of hell by twisting God’s word. It’s reminiscent of God’s warning through the prophet Jeremiah during the fall of Babylon ~

Jeremiah 23:16 “Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Hearken not unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you: they make you vain: they speak a vision of their own heart, and not out of the mouth of the LORD.”

While the entire nation was under siege, life as the Israelites knew it was being pummeled but that didn’t stop false prophets from lying! Their main message tried to calm the masses by falsely telling the Israelites there was nothing to fear.

Talmage is like those in Babylon trying to hush questioning minds. Pray for those who listen to and have bought into these lies! Mr. Talmage may have said these things 88 yrs ago, but Mormons today still believe it.

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18