heber-c-kimballToday we’re looking at early Mormonism. As we’ve stated many times before, the reason why we look at this topic is twofold. Not only does it provides insight of what was going on back then, but it helps in understanding the mindset of Mormons today.

The Mormon culture of the 19th century didn’t just stop. It provided the foundation, if you will, for the tradition of Mormonism in the 21stcentury.

This set of quotes comes from one person – Heber Chase Kimball. He was an apostle in the early days of Mormonism, and spent his fair share of time behind the pulpit. Keep in mind, this is just one of their leaders talking like this. Can you just imagine listening to this from all your leaders several times a week?

Our questions stem from a handful of sermons he delivered, and we’re asking Mormons today to think about our question as they read over the quotes below. One key item to make note of in these sermons. Not one time did he use scripture to further his cause, or explain why God would do these things.

Where in the Bible does it promote violence as a viable solution to a perceived problem?

Where in the Bible is there an example from one of Jesus’ apostles acting in the manner Mr. Kimball did back then?

Would Mr. Kimball’s rhetoric be accepted in the LDS Church today? (Today, meaning 2016.)

What is the fruit of Mormonism?

Are Mr. Kimball’s threats a biblical standard? If so, from where in the Bible would he be justified?

Now, for those quotes!

Sanctification Means Wiping All Unclean Females Out Of Existence

Journal of Discourses 7:18; “It is believed in the world that our females are all common women. Well, in one sense they are common—that is, they are like all other women, I suppose; but they are not unclean, for we wipe all unclean ones from our midst: we not only wipe them from our streets, but we wipe them out of existence. … …That is sanctification. Our holy religion is to purify, purge, cleanse, and sanctify this people.” – Heber C. Kimball, Salt Lake City, July 16, 1854

Wicked Will Be Slain Before The People

Journal of Discourses 4:173; “…Men, who have been warned and forewarned, but who will associate with the wicked and take a course to commit whoredom, and will strive to lead our daughters and our wives into the society of poor, wicked curses, with a view to gratify their cursed passions; we will take them and slay them before this people.” – Heber C. Kimball, Salt Lake City, January 11, 1857

Prayers For Their Damnation

Journal of Discourses 5:89; “Drummond, and those miserable scoundrels, and some that are now in our midst—how do I feel towards them? Pray for them? Yes, I pray that God Almighty would send them to hell.” – Heber C. Kimball, Salt Lake City, July 26, 1857

Traitors Punished, Properties Confiscated

Journal of Discourses 8:213-214; “The moment a young man leaves the Church, he is then a traitor to the law of laws. You know the law of nations is that when a man becomes a traitor to the law of the land, all he has is confiscated, and he is punished accordingly; and so it is in the Church and kingdom of God.” – Heber C. Kimball, Salt Lake City, September 2, 1860