Redeeming Holy Days from Pagan Lies — Hallowe’en: A short history

01 November

van-eyck-adoration-of-the-lambs-resized-600-jpg-300x168Dear friends! Today we’re doing things totally different – yay!

Melissa sent me a link to a fellow ministry’s FB page (Rob Sivulka) and their link sent me to an article about the true meaning of Halloween. I am thrilled to see this, and would love it if everyone would read the truth about this subject!

The article is written by a Lutheran pastor who has obviously done a lot of homework on this subject. Here’s a snippet of what he’s said, but make sure you visit his site to read the rest of the story. You’ll be blessed!

As an aside, this subject reminded me of a post I keep seeing on the web. It simply states:

‘God called. He wants His rainbow back’.

I give that a hearty ‘AMEN’ too!

Redeeming Holy Days from Pagan Lies — Hallowe’en: A short history – Steadfast Lutherans

In the first three centuries after Christ’s resurrection, the lives of the martyrs of the Church were commemorated on the day and in the place where they were killed.

There were so many who were killed because of their faith in Christ during those centuries. Throughout the Christian Church different days were set aside not only for each martyr, but a special day for all Saints.

…a common day for commemorating the Saints has been around throughout the Christian Church from very early times. And the fact that it falls on November 1st today has nothing to do with paganism…

OK, so what does this have to do with Halloween? In the Bible the day begins at sundownor evening. This is why we have Christmas Eve. Halloween is All Hallows’ Eve‘, that is All Saints’ Evening. Halloween is the beginning of All Saints’ Day starting at sundown on October 31st.

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