LDS Position on Slavery

Journal of Discourses 6:180; “One gentleman asked if we believed in slavery. I told him, No, we did not; “but,” said I, “we believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ…” “Well,” said he, “do not you believe in freeing the negroes?” I answered, “No; the Lord will do that.” “Ah,” said he, “the Mormons do believe in slavery; for they permit men to bring their slaves into their Territory.” I them went on to show him our views upon the subject; but I could see my remarks did not satisfy the people.” – Ezra T. Benson, Salt Lake City, January 24, 1858

Titus 2:1; “But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine.”

If you’re teaching sound doctrine then why do you care what others think? And if we’re living in the New Testament era then why are you condoning slavery?