Racist Mormon Toys 2

07 April

FYI…More on the Racist Mormon Toys

Even the Indians took notice of the racist Mormon toys – check this out:


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  1. camdenc April 7, 2012 at 2:01 pm #

    Michelle – Haven’t they proven through DNA testing that the Native Americans are descended from the Asian race of peoples? That they came across the “land bridge” between Russia and Alaska and migrated down to North, Central, and South America? Also they were unable to prove any Hebrew lineage in the testing that was done?

    Just like the African-Americans, it blows my mind when a Native American converts to the LDS church… Another fine example of the church not giving the converts (or even the current members) the whole story. Then when the Truth is shown, the church “explains it away” or says “that was in the past and we don’t teach that nowadays”.

    NOTHING in the Bible has ever had to be “explained away”. And sure there are things from the Old Testament Law that we don’t practice today (stoning someone for infidelity comes to mind) because Jesus is the fulfillment of the Law. He came to free us from the bondage of the law and the law is only there to remind us that we can’t remain free from sin or get to Heaven by obeying the over 600 rules/regulations contained within it.

    The Bible (the Word) has stood the test of time and always will. It’s not that the Bible was ever corrupted or changed, it was the fallen nature of man that used it for his own selfish desires… the Truth always remained intact within the pages. If the Roman Catholic church changed or manipulated the Bible back in the day, why didn’t they take out the reference to “the woman who rides the beast over seven hills”? Everybody knew back then that Rome was referred to as the “City on Seven Hills”.

    Because God’s Word cannot be changed or manipulated.

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