Racist LDS Doctrine Cloaked in Faux Righteousness

07 March

 Book of Mormon Student Manual, Religion 121, 122, p. 102; “I hope we can all overcome any differences of culture, race, and language…In my experience, no race or class seems superior to any other in spirituality and faithfulness” – James E. Faust 



James 1:22; “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Faust was paying lip service to the listening ears of impressionable minds. If he truly meant what he said, he wouldn’t have endorsed the Book of Mormon.

The reason this is important is because of the age group it’s geared towards; 14 – 18. At a time when you’re teaching on the importance of integrity, Mr. Faust is a poor example. Further evidence of this man’s lack of integrity can be seen in a talk he gave at a General Conference in 2003.

Faust stated true principles of doctrine can’t be ‘attacked’ because they’re eternal, meaning what Joe Smith taught in the 19th century is still true today.

We’re wondering how Mr. Faust felt about the 1978 revelation if Smith’s doctrines were true.

Ensign, ‘Lord, I believe; Help Thou Mine Unbelief,’ November 2003; “One cannot successfully attack true principles or doctrine, because they are eternal. The revelations that came through the Prophet Joseph Smith are still correct! It is a mistake to let distractions, slights, or offenses pull down our own house of faith. We can have a certain testimony that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and Redeemer of mankind, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet commissioned to restore the Church in our day and time without having a complete understanding of all gospel principles. But when you pick up a stick you pick up both ends. And so it is with the gospel. As members of the Church we need to accept all of it.”

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