Quick Thought on Leaving Mormonism

18 September

In a General Conference address Glen L. Pace said:

“You can leave the Church, but you can’t leave it alone. The basic reason for this is simple. Once someone has received a witness of the Spirit and accepted it, he leaves neutral ground. One loses his testimony only by listening to the promptings of the evil one, and Satan’s goal is not complete when a person leaves the Church, but when he comes out in open rebellion against it.”  (April 1989, LDS Conference Address)

thinkingimageSo knowing that Mormonism is full of lies from the pit of hell and that only God has the power to rescue people from its bondage is he calling God Satan? Is he saying God has an evil influence on people and is causing them to leave Mormonism?

And why wouldn’t someone want to share the truth they’ve found when they leave the church? The Mormons certainly had no problem with sharing information about the church when they’re worthy full tithe payers, so why now?

It’s just sad that Mormons are so blinded, and so devoted to this religion that they can’t see its God leading people out of the church and to an eternal relationship with Him. They have to blame someone or something as the reason people leave the church. It’s the only way it makes sense in their limited view of God, after all if the church is perfect (as they’ve been taught) why would God want someone to leave it?

When they point their finger at Satan as the reason someone leaves the church they remind me of a five year old who blames “nobody” for eating the cookies in the cookie jar. As long as they refuse to see something much more powerful than Satan is at work in the hearts of those who leave they will never be free, nor experience the tremendous weight being lifted from their bodies as God removes their shackles.

In Christ,

Melissa Grimes

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