Questions to Ask the Convert – Mormon Quotes

Preach My Gospel, pg. 22; Elder Jeffrey R. Holland taught: “The first thing you will do when an investigator tells you he or she had not read and prayed about the Book of Mormon is be devastated! . . . Much of the time we are just too casual about all of this. This is eternal life. This is the salvation of the children of GodEternity hangs in the balance. . . . It is the most important path this investigator will ever walk.But if he or she doesn’t know that, at least you do! . . . So take control of this situation. Teach with power and authority, and then be devastated if the first steps toward commandment-keeping and covenant-keeping have not been successfully begun”” – “Making and Keeping Covenants,” missionary satellite broadcast, Apr. 1997.

2 Corinthians 2:17For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.

Yes Mr. Holland, this is indeed eternity!  Sadly, there will be too many people who don’t question the teachings of the Church and unwillingly get snared into the trappings and lies of Satan.

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