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Pray for Life After Ministries

Life After Ministries always needs dedicated Christians to hold us up in prayer. A ministry in warfare has many needs. Not the least of which is a prayer covering for all our staff, supporters and volunteers who tirelessly support the cause of bringing the gospel to those blinded by the enemy’s veil of darkness. 

If you can and are willing to pray for Life After Ministries, we would appreciate it if you would sign up for our prayer team so we know who is praying for us.

Please just send an email to the link below. We will be publishing a monthly report that we’ll send to all our prayer supporters so they know what is happening and can hold in prayer special needs when they happen.

The battle lines will be drawn by the enemy when we close in on saving someone’s soul. Your prayers may be needed to lift up one specific Mormon who needs our prayers.  Won’t you consider joining the LAM Prayer Team today?

To sign up for the LAM Prayer Team, please send an email of inquiry to








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