Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders Willard Richards

02 November

early mormon polygamistsWe think it’s important to highlight the lives of those who were instrumental in the early years of Mormonism.  In this series we’re highlighting the lifestyles, missions and general work they did to spread the Mormon god’s gospel and the women who promoted their ideals.

This time we’re looking at Willard Richards. Although this gentleman lived only 49 years he was instrumental in bringing hundreds of people into Mormonism through his proselytizing skills in England.

His older cousin Brigham Young introduced him to the Book of Mormon and summarily baptizedRichards Willard him into the Church. It didn’t take long for Richards to embrace the polygamous lifestyle and marry 11 women within a decade or so.  Three other women would marry him posthumously. Several of his wives were sisters and there’s even a mother and mother-in-law duo in the mix.  You can read more about Willard and his wives here.


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