Perrigrine Sessions

June 15, 1814 – June 3, 1893

early mormon polygamistsThe addition of this entry to our series of Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders reminded me of my own family in many ways.  One of  the main similarities was the oblivious mindset that’s employed for those living this ungodly lifestyle.

I really appreciated the way no one had anything bad to say about Perrigrine Sessions which is something that’s not very common in this type of lifestyle. Family members who practiced polygamy in my family never said anything disparaging about those who practiced it either, however, their example always made me stop to wonder about the pedestal they put these people upon. Everyone else in and outside our clan was fair game and open to inspection, but never the polygamists.

I want to make our intentions clear about our publishing this series or anything else on our site. I’m not out to judge individuals or look for ways to bash them in any way. I am however, called by God to teach truth and expose darkness to light. Only God knows the inner heart of man and only God is the final judge!

Each and every person in Mormonism deserves our utmost respect and we want to be perfectly clear when we say that it’s not the Mormon people we have an issue with at all. The problem is Mormon doctrine. And so it goes with this series…

Perrigrine Sessions was the eldest child of David & Patty Sessions who were some of Joe Smith’s earliest converts. The dedication and monetary wealth they brought to the Church and its cause can’t be overstated. Those qualities were passed down to their son, Perrigrine.

Mr. Sessions was an ardent supporter of Mormonism and went on numerous missions spreading theSessions Perrigrine Mormon god’s gospel throughout Europe and the US. He led many expeditions of the handcart pioneers who crossed the plains from Nauvoo to the Wasatch Front and donated untold thousands of dollars to the building funds for temples from Nauvoo to Salt Lake.

He was also the husband of eight wives, although you’ll find reports that he had as few as six and as many as nine. We found evidence for eight wives and sixty kids.  Imagine sixty kids.  He seemed to be ‘plagued’ with the same problem others in Mormonism had – teen brides.  Half of his wives were younger than some of his own kids and one was actually 13 years old.  No excuse!!!

We also included one of the stories passed down through Mormon folklore about cursing the ‘anti-Mormons’. The story is quite sad and speaks more of the heart of Mormonism and how they view outsiders, aka ‘anti-Mormons’ than anything I’ve seen in a long time.

You can get more info on his life and all those wives in our series Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders here.