Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders Joseph Young

01 April

Joseph Young

April 7, 1797 – July 16, 1881

early mormon polygamistsThis man’s life is another example of how Mormons view themselves as a people group. Both he and they are somehow oblivious to the outside world and most importantly God’s word.

There are many instances in historical records where Joseph Young is affectionately referred to as “Uncle John” because of his kind and nurturing demeanor. They repeatedly note he wouldn’t harm a fly and kind to everyone.  The problem of course is that being nice doesn’t get you into heaven!

The two major things that stood out – all his wives and kids aside – was the warning from his older brother not to join the Church and the fact Mormons are redoing all the temple works of the deceased who already performed these when they were alive.  Here are a couple of excerpts from the main article:

Joseph Young Autobiography; “…visited My Brother John & Family I had Much Conversation with My Brother in Relation to the New Faith…What he Said to Me…Brother Joseph you have Received a New Doctrine and Another Spirit from what you have had heretofore and I fear it is Delusion [p. 30] for the Scriptures Say that Many falts Spirits have gone out into the world and this is one of them When Br John Said these Words My Spirit Sunk within Me and Darkness Profound gathered thick like a cloud covered My Mind and Spirit [p. 31] So densely that I was in Great Mental Agonies…” [sic]

“As ominous as that scenario was other disturbing events are still taking place in regards to Joseph Young’s many wives.  You’ll notice in the ‘other info’ column for each wife Mormons are busy re-baptizing these folks and performing proxy marriages for them.”

In all, I recorded six wives and over 20 kids, but at the end of my research I Joseph Youngdiscovered another resource citing 10 more wives.

You can read the short bio on him and his wives here.

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