Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders John Smith Intro

23 December

John Smith Intro

September 22, 1832 – November 6, 1911

Early Mormon PolygamistsWe’ve been gathering info for more installments on our Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders series and this time around we’re highlighting the life of John Smith.

John Smith wasn’t a remarkable man in the sense of the many attention grabbing antics

Smith John others in his clan had pulled off in life. He was rather blasé in the scheme of things where Mormon  polygamy is concerned. He was the oldest son of Hyrum Smith who was shot and killed with his brother Joseph in Carthage, IL. The most notable marker in his portfolio is how he became a self-trained interpreter for immigrants coming in from Scandinavian countries.

He married two women and served as the Church Patriarch for several decades. You can read his bio and those of his wives here.

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