early mormon polygamistsHosea Stout abandoned his Methodist faith in lieu of Mormonism in the early days of the Church and fulfilled each and every role given to him during his 50+ year tenure. From polygamy, to the priesthood and powerful US government office positions; Mr. Stout certainly didn’t lack ambition.

While participating in the illegal activities of polygamy, he served as a US Atty General, Stout Hoseahelped codify US laws and oh yeah, served the Church as a member of the Danites. While his descendants firmly believe accusations against him for murder were fallacious, he haphazardly found himself ensnared in a couple of premature deaths giving rise to the question of his culpability.

You can read about Hosea Stout and his 7 wives in our series Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders here. One also should take note that almost half of his wives were underage brides.