Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders George A Smith

08 February

George A Smith

June 26, 1817 – September 1, 1875

early mormon polygamistsGeorge Albert Smith is better known as George A Smith in Mormonism because his grandson was given the same name. George did well when it came to producing descendants who’d be in the halls of Mormon leadership positions.

His namesake became the 8th prophet of Mormonism and a son, John Henry Smith, became an apostle.

Smith was commissioned with the task of settling southern Utah and he wasted no time doing so. St. George was also named after him.

The other legacy he left behind wasn’t as glamorous. It’s widely believed his confrontational speeches were the final event for the Mountain George A SmithMeadows Massacre to take place. He made a tour of southern Utah cities inciting the various communities that Mormons should be ready for a fight with the impending US Army on their way to enforce the laws. Brigham Young had made several disparaging speeches threatening the government with attack if they came near the Utah Territory which he’d already deemed himself the governor.

The other problem Mormons were facing was their defiance in obeying the Anti-Bigamy laws. Smith’s obvious disregard for the law was quite visible with his eleven wives and twenty kids.

You can check out his story and learn about his wives here.

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