Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders Edward Stevenson

19 February

Edward Stevenson

May 1, 1820 – January 27, 1897

early mormon polygamistsUntil a month or so ago I had never heard of Edward Stevenson.  I obviously knew about the MTC (Missionary Training Center), but had no idea one of the buildings on BYU’s campus was named in his honor or what significance this man’s name surely holds for everyone whose shadow has crossed the doorway.

For those who don’t know who this man was you’ll learn he is considered the premiere example of what a missionary’s life should look like.

Our questions are why and are the missionaries aware of this man’s past?  The history of this man’s personal life shows no hint of what it means to be a missionary for the Lord when you take several factors of his life into account.

1. He was a polygamist

2. He broke God’s commandments by marrying sisters – 2 or 3 sets of them.

3. He didn’t care for his family before leaving on his missions.

4. He married children.

As I looked for information on this person I was reminded once again how members of  Edward Stevensonthe Church kept repeating the same behavior pattern we’ve seen in our previous additions to our series on Polygamy & Mormon Church Leaders.

Loyalty to Joseph Smith and the Church outweighed loyalty to the family which is odd considering they call themselves a family focused church. Furthermore, while out pounding the pavement for God the Bible is maligned by preaching a false gospel that was delivered by an angel of light.  Galatians 1:6-9.

Mr. Stevenson had anywhere from 6-8 wives – the number is unclear due to lack of verifiable information and somewhere around 28 kids.  You can read our short bio on him and the wives here

The reason I feel it’s important to add this man’s bio to our series is because I know the pride these young people hold in their hearts for their church and culture.  When you’re a young Mormon without a lot of life experience it’s only natural to believe what you’re taught without question.  I feel that each and every Mormon deserves to know the truth, thus the work of LAM.

More than anything we’re praying Mormons young and old come to a saving knowledge of this Jesus in the Bible. We hope they understand the Jesus of Mormonism and the Jesus of Christianity aren’t the same.

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18

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