joseph-f-smithToday we’re looking at the never ending lies about polygamy published by the LDS Church. They just can’t seem to be honest when it comes to this topic! The lies about polygamy began with Joe Smith way back in 1834, and as you’ll see today, Hyrum Smith’s son is doing the exact same thing 80  years later. As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

This first presidency message was written by Joseph F. Smith, and appeared in the Deseret News, and the London Times May 1st & May 6th, 1911.

Messages of the First Presidency 4:230; “To Ministers of the Gospel of all Denominations and to the Public of Great Britain:—

With a view to counteracting the misrepresentations now being made in England and in the hope to establish the truth, I declare that during the nine years of my presidency…no man in the Church having one wife has been permitted to take to himself another, and no one in authority in the Church has been permitted to perform such a marriage under pain of being excommunicated from the Church. …

This is a lie. Smith condoned, as well as performed marriages, even in the Post-Manifesto time era, meaning up until the end of 1904. My family’s behavioral problem with polygamy is just one example of this.

… The Church enjoins on all its members obedience to the laws and to all properly constituted authority.

This too, is obviously another lie. Not only were they breaking the law in the UK, but they were still lying, hiding, and breaking the law in the US, and Canada as well.

Any statement to the contrary or which ascribes to the Church any willingness to countenance or encourage any form of immorality or loose living whatsoever is false and will bring condemnation on its authors.

As per that comment, condemnation must fall on his own head.

We ask you to unite with us in opposition to all appeals to passion or prejudice at this time and earnestly solicit the most searching investigation into the conduct of our members in every community of the Church. We pledge ourselves to do all in our power to assist in such investigation…” – Joseph F. Smith

I’ve often wondered how these men slept at night, or looked themselves in the mirror when they woke each morning…

Joseph F Smith was the 6th Mormon prophet who served from 1902-1918, and was the son of Hyrum Smith, and nephew of Joseph Smith, Jr. At the time he made this statement he was happily married to no less than 5 women. His first wife left him because she wasn’t fond of the polygamous lifestyle. In 1906, just five years before this First Presidency Message was published, his two youngest children were born six months apart to different mothers. Smith was 68 yrs old at the time. See


If you’re LDS, do you believe it’s okay for a true prophet of God to behave in such a manner?