Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders Orson Pratt

22 May

early mormon polygamistsOrson Pratt was a member of the original twelve LDS apostles and as you can imagine he served in many venues throughout his church service. While his stay in office was a tumultuous one he always seemed to hang in there with his willingness to serve his god.

Married to ten women, he fathered 45 children and that’s not to say they’ll all be serving in the afterlife as a forever family. His first wife Sarah became a very outspoken critic of polygamy and publicly criticized his philandering ways of marrying young women younger than his own children.

Serving as a missionary for much of his life left his family in a chronic state of poverty while he left them toOrson Pratt fend for themselves. Some of his children born to his first wife turned on his philosophy and totally rejected the Mormon lifestyle.

You can read more about his life and learn about his family in our series Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders here.


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