early mormon polygamistsThe longer I collect info on the early polygamous leaders of Mormonism the more I see their actions for what they really were (as if I had any doubts before…).  The last 3-4 wives of Orson Hyde were just babies when Joseph Smith was killed and in their teens they ended up marrying Orson Hyde for eternity.

For the life of me I can’t imagine the God of the Bible condoning such behavior as this. I’m praying the people of Mormonism will open their hearts to see that God doesn’t need something He created to engage in this type of behavior just so He can “save” them. Why would anyone want to worship a god such as that?

Orson Hyde had a very interesting life.  He was orphaned before he was ten and along with his eleven other siblings were carted off to various families or places. Orson ended up in Kirtland, Ohio which is where he met up with the Mormons who had just published their “golden bible”.

He was converted early and quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the first set of twelve Mormon apostles.  Accepting all the edicts of the Mormon god afforded Mr. Hyde the indulgence of having nine wives and no less than 32 kids.

When/if you research anything about him you’ll inevitably keep running into the myriads of information of his trip to Israel and how he went there to proclaim the reuniting of the Israelites – ad nausea.orson hyde

Of course finding all the information you might want on his life takes perseverance.  No two sites offer the same info and none of the sites I visited (100+) offered all the info on his life. This is rather sad considering all of the sites I visited were pro-LDS and pro-polygamy for the early Mormons. None of the official LDS sites gave all of his correct information, but were more inclined to shower praises to his name and legacy.

You can read more about his story and his wives here.