Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders Joseph Bates Noble Intro

03 March

early mormon polygamists“…Joseph Smith, requested him, (Jos. Bates Noble) to step forward and assist him in carrying out the Said principle, saying ‘in revealing this to you I have placed my life in your hands, therefore do not in an evil hour betray me to my enemies.’” – Identifying Early Mormon Polygamists 1841-44, Gary Bergera

Joseph Bates Noble was just 22 years old when he joined Mormonism. Within a year he was packing his bags, moving to a new city in another state and soaking in all the new teachings of a new gospel.

Mr. Bates was known as an upright, righteous man in the annals of Mormon history, but we’re wondering just howNoble Joseph Bates noble this guy was when he secretly took part in illegal marriages of Joseph Smith, became a polygamist, and married underage girls. Being noble entails a high degree of integrity and this is simply missing in the legacy Joseph Noble left behind.

You can read about his 11 wives, 32 children, and how he earned a claim to fame by owning Joseph Smith’s sword here.

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