Alpheus Cutler Intro

February 29, 1784 – June 10, 1864

Early Mormon Polygamists“It is no exaggeration to say that Cutler, next to the apostles, was one of Mormonism’s most important leaders during this period.” – Journal of Mormon History, “Conflict in the Camps of Israel,” DANNY L. JORGENSEN, p. 31

Lies, pseudonyms, excuses, and denials. All these things comprise the M.O. of Alpheus Cutler and those he surrounded himself with in life. It seems no one had a working conscience available and the longer they lived, the worse things became.

We’re highlighting Alpheus Cutler because of the role he played in early Mormonism. As you’ll see in our short bio, the quote above is a fit description of this man. While his name isn’t in the headlines of Mormon folklore today it can be safely said that without his participation in early Mormonism, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

Even though he gave countless hours of work to the Church, Alpheus ended up turning his back onCutler Alpheus Brigham and founded an off-shoot of Mormonism he called ‘The True Church of Jesus Christ’, also known as the Cutlerites.

While this branch of Mormonism has been absorbed into the Church of Christ (formerly known as the RLDS), there are still those who adamantly deny Joe Smith practiced polygamy.

Shockingly, they also deny anyone in authority was participating in polygamy, which  of course includes our man of the hour, Alpheus.  The reality is that Cutler had seven wives and was the father of fourteen kids. You can read a short bio of him and his wives here.