Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders 7

07 June

Heber Jeddy Grant 1856 – 1945

Heber Grant was a busy guy during his tenure as the seventh president/prophet of the Mormon Church.



Grant is the reason obeying the Word of Wisdom is mandatory to get into the temple.

Encyclopedia of Mormonism, pg. 1584; “The prohibition movement, spearheaded by the Protestant Evangelical churches in America, focused on alcohol consumption as a political rather than a moral issue. The movement intensified the Church’s interest in the Word of Wisdom. There is evidence that Church Presidents John Taylor, Joseph F. Smith, and Heber J. Grant wanted to promote adherence to the Word of Wisdom as a precondition for entering LDS temples or holding office in any Church organization; and indeed, by 1930 abstinence from the use of alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea had become an official requirement for those seeking temple recommends. While abstinence from these substances is now required for temple attendance and for holding priesthood offices or other Church callings, no other ecclesiastical sanctions are imposed on those who do not comply with the Word of Wisdom.

Mr. Grant is the reason part of the Church from Short Creek seceded and formed the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  In his attempt to get everyone in the Church to agree to stop practicing polygamy, he alienated a good sized group of people and basically hung them out to dry while behind the scenes in the privacy of his own home he was shacking up with three wives.


Mr. Grant instituted the Church Welfare System in 1936.

Mr. Grant opened the Japanese Mission in 1901.

Mr. Grant was the only surviving member of the infamous Council of Fifty.


In 1922 Mr. Grant organized the Corporation of the President “to hold and administer the Church’s ecclesiastical property of the Church.”  This meant they were going to control all the tax-free properties and monies the Church owned.  That’s convenient…


Wife# Marriage date & Grant’s age at date of marriage Wife’s name & age at marriage Number of kids Total = 12 Other info
1 Nov. 1, 1877(21) Lucy Stringham(19) 6 Father settled in Utah with B. Young in 1847.
2 May 26, 1884(26) Hulda Augusta Winters(28) 1 Went to Japan with Grant to open mission.
3 May 27, 1884 (28) Emily Harris Wells(27) 5 Went with Grant to visit British & European mission.  Daughter of Mormon apostle Daniel H. Wells.

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