Oh brother…

Warren Jeffs’ End-time Prophecy

From behind prison walls polygamist cult leader Warren Jeffs seems to be up to his old tricks again.

The Deseret News reported yesterday the permanent closing of several stores on Friday in Colorado City, AZ and the sudden reopening of the same stores the following morning. No one knows why they were closed or reopened for that matter. It seems this madman still has a spiritual stronghold over the people and controls everything they do.

Apparently Jeffs has prophesied to the people there would be a “Lifting Up” that will take place by the end of the year (2012). Only the righteous FLDS will be lifted up and all others will die in the destruction of the world. Other recent prophetic utterances from Jeffs include the ban of eating turnips, corn, oatmeal and dairy products.

The followers also built a tower this year only to tear it down the following day all at the command of their imprisoned leader.

While news of the polygamists aren’t making the front pages lately there’s a lot of work being done by ministries in Utah that specialize in witnessing and providing help to those caught in the lies of this outrageous man.

Pray for them and those who are lost! Info on the polygamy ministries can be found on our sidebar to the right.