This is the Place 1847

24 July

CU050325-010HRJuly 24, 1847

On this day in history, Brigham Young stood in the Salt Lake Valley and declared ‘This is the place’.

Contrary to the LDS version of why Brigham and 147 others hiked to the Wasatch Front, the first of many arrived to their new home because of their poor behavior. They were kicked out of Nauvoo, IL not long after Smith’s death, living in Illinois for five short years.

As we’ve mentioned before, this day in Utah Mormondom is filled with parades, fanfare, funeral potatoes and green jell-o to your heart’s content. Banks are closed, government buildings shut down, and the only thing you’ll find open are a few grocery stores and gas stations.

Then to Now

In 1846 scouts had been sent to map out a trail for the 70,000 Mormons who’d eventually make their way west. This was the trail Brigham and the first wave of Mormon pioneers set out on less than a year later.

It took Brigham and company more than four months to trek from Winter Quarters, NE to Salt Lake City. They left on April 5, 1847 in favorable conditions with plenty of supplies and dry weather, sustaining their safe journey which in turn afforded them no loss of life.

As faithful Mormons attend their festivities I’m asking that Christians hit their knees. Pray for those who are being choked by their heritage to the point where they either won’t or can’t see Jesus’ sacrifice.

The focus on this day in Utah and surrounding areas is the sacrifice their ancestors made for them.  In all the years I was LDS and attended these ‘get-togethers’, not once did we celebrate or even acknowledge Jesus’ sacrifice. One would think that if they’re focusing on sacrifice, Jesus’ name certainly deserved a shout out.

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