New Women’s Meeting Announced

10 November

The First Presidency of the Mormon Church announced that beginning in 2014 the Young Women’s meeting and General Relief Society meeting will be combined. The meeting is for all women in the Relief and Young Women’s programs, as well as girls eight years and older.

I can only imagine the mixed emotions the women are having with this change, and I wonder how it’s going to affect the messages the leaders in the organizations give. Certainly many things they speak of will be over the heads of the younger audience members, while other things might not be fitting for the slightly older ones. I think many adult women may feel deprived of the depth the talks could have been if the younger ones weren’t in attendance.

I wonder how the youngest of the group, the eight year old girls will feel about getting dressed up for yet another conference. I’m sure they would rather be playing at home than attending a meeting with their mothers. But by this age they’ve been baptized and conditioned to believe not to question the doctrines or The First Presidency of the Church. Only to “follow the prophet” and go along with whatever you’re asked to do because it’s from Heavenly Father.

As with everything else time will tell how this “change” works out.

In Christ,

Melissa Grimes

Reference: First Presidency Announces New General Women’s Meeting

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