My Kingdom Come

14 September

Mitt Romney, the United States and Mormonism

A few years ago my good friend Ed Decker called and asked me to help him out with a book he was writing at the time called “My Kingdom Come”. The book deals with many issues within Mormonism, but the chapter I contributed to was on my experience living as a “residual fruit” of polygamy. I shared in his book what it was like growing up with so many relatives and what it does to someone spiritually, mentally and emotionally knowing your sole purpose in life was to bear children for the Mormon god.

Today we want to highlight the 12th chapter of Ed’s book “My Kingdom Come”. Ed is posting this part of his book online to bring attention to the Mormon ideal of ruling the earth one day.  And in light of what’s going on with the presidential election in this country, it’s a good thing to open up lines of communication and discuss what Romney, Huntsman and Mormonism truly believe!  Here is an excerpt with a link to his site so you can read the rest of it. You may want to buy the entire book!  J


“The very ethos of the Mormon faith is built around the anticipated return of Jesus to Independence, Missouri, for his thousand-year millennial reign. It is here that he will assign godhood to the worthy. However, it cannot take place until the U.S. Constitution falters and is saved by the LDS church. The nation will become a Mormon theocracy. Mitt Romney has raised Mormon speculation that this may be the time and that he may be the one to lead the way as both U.S. President and LDS high priest.”

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