Multiplying Your Own Innumerable Species

25 September

Isaiah 45:6; “That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the LORD, and there is none else.”

Orson PrattToday we’re doing things a little differently – woo-hoo!! The title of this article is a good  example of how LDS doctrines lead people away from the Lord, instead of to Him.

Reality of heaven for a Christian goes something like this: after death a Christian goes to heaven to be with the Lord Jesus, and it’s there they’ll be able to see family and friends who are also saved.

For the Mormon, it’s complicated. After death they’ll expect to go to heaven to be with their spouses, and in the scenario Orson Pratt has proposed, that one couple will begin ‘multiplying their species’. They’ll continue to do this until they’ve given birth to enough children to sufficiently populate an earth like this for the extent of time their planet is in existence.

The couple will have given birth so many times, they won’t be able to count the number of kids they’ve had, let alone know, or remember. their names.

One last thing before we look at Pratt’s sermon – we want to examine some of the phrases he used to describe the Mormon’s future inheritance. There’s absolutely no mention of the Lord, and they’ve done this to detach you from any future relationship you think you’ll have with Him. After looking over these you might want to ask yourself if any of this sounds biblical to you, and if it’s the type of eternity you’d look forward to living?

Multiplying your species

Innumerable offspring

Increase of posterity

Endless increase of worlds

Peopling your own world

Eternal covenant of marriage is the great commandment

We are God’s literal offspring

Man is made in God’s image so he can multiply in heaven

Now, with the intro behind us, let’s take a look at what Mr. Pratt said –

Journal of Discourses 1:59; “The peopling of worlds, or an endless increase, even of one family, would require an endless increase of worlds; and if one family were to be united in the eternal covenant of marriage, to fulfil that great commandment, to multiply his species, and propagate them, and if there be no end to the increase of his posterity, it would call for an endless increase of new worlds. And if one family calls for this, what would innumerable millions of families call for? They would call for as many worlds as have already been discovered by the telescope; yea, the number must be multiplied to infinity in order that there may be room for the inheritance of the sons and daughters of the Gods.

Do you begin to understand how these worlds get their inhabitants? Have you learned that the sons and daughters of God before me this day, are His offspring—made after His own image; that they are to multiply their species until they become innumerable?” – Orson Pratt, Salt Lake City, August 29, 1852

Where, I ask, is God?

Where did Jesus go?

Who is this god Mr. Pratt is speaking about?

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