Moroni and Cumorah

comoroThe mysterious angel of light Moroni and Hill Cumorah where the golden plates of Mormonism were buried are stories Joseph Smith introduced to his followers, but what they may not have heard at the time is the full story of Captain Kidd.

According to legend Moroni, Camora is supposedly the resting place to a large cache of pirate treasure just waiting to be found. During the wild escapades of Captain Kidd the Comoros (also known as Camoras) was a favorite stomping grounds of the notorious pirate.

From the stories of hidden treasure in the Indian Ocean to the hills of upstate New York it’s not difficult to see where Smith’s focus was engaged.  You can read more about the strange coincidences in the following articles.

Comoros Islands

Captain Kidd, Camora’s Buried Treasure and Joseph’s Golden Plates

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