Mormons Deny Jesus is God


John 3:36 reads, “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son, will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on him.” What constitutes a rejection of Jesus? Denial that He existed certainly qualifies. What about a denial of a belief in God? Sure, that qualifies too. What about changing Him into something He is not? The bible could not be more clear that Jesus forgave sin (Luke 5:20) as only God can do, or was accused of calling Himself God and claiming equality with God (John 10:30-33), and claimed that He was the First and the Last God (Rev. 1:18). So when Mormons say He is not as the Bible records, aren’t they rejecting Jesus as He is? There is no denying that the scriptures above exist. Yet, to believe in Mormonism, one must reduce Jesus into some kind of lesser god, discredit the bible and two thousand years of understanding and follow doctrines conjured up by a teenager and built up upon single scriptures rather than the totality of scripture that clearly shows a broader view of who God and Jesus are…One!

By the time Mormons get through with Jesus, they have changed Him into something He is not. For example, He can’t forgive sins or we must admit that He is God as God alone is the only one who can do that. He didn’t actually claim equality with God, rather we must believe the Master Communicator communicated poorly and meant He was “one in purpose” with God even though he never corrected the record despite having another chance to do so. And, as missionaries have demonstrated with the question about Jesus’ claim of being the First and the Last God, Mormons literally must walk away from you when challenged with the notion that if Jesus did claim to be the First and Last as Revelation 1:18 says, that they themselves cannot become gods. Time after time, Mormonism is shown to be a fraudulent faith. It preys on naive believers usually born into it and discourages its followers from looking deeper into the beliefs. For we already know, that “When the Prophet speaks, you can know surely that all the thinking has already been done.” This is why we Christians claim Mormons believe in a different Jesus. And e Mormon Jesus cannot save you, but constitutes a rejection of the One who actually lives. Mormons beware. Your faith is false. Turn to the true Jesus of the Bible and be saved!

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