crosses 3As I mentioned last week Melissa and I are organizing the daily dilemmas we post and I’m trying to ‘fix’ the nightmare I’ve created. If I ever do this again I give everyone permission to nag at me.

Today while working on this monstrosity I came across an interesting situation. The sheer amount of dilemmas for one of the subject matters stuck out like a red flag so I thought I’d share what I discovered. I’ve categorized all the topics from A to Z and in the category of ‘Christians’ I noticed just how much the Church disapproves of Christians and Christianity.

I post these things every day and read sermon after sermon ad nausea which has numbed my shock value – ha – thus my oversight of just how many times the LDS Church has maligned the body of Christ.

Before I get into this…

I’ve been planning on posting this for a few days now without any hesitation, but the news of what’s taking place overseas has given me a heavy heart.

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq al-Sham) gave Christians in Iraq a deadline to convert to Islam or die. In response to the threats Christian Iraqis packed their bags and on their way out of town ISIS set up check-points. When the Christians tried to pass through ISIS either raped, robbed or killed them.

This site and blog wasn’t set up to be a debate platform for political issues, suffice it to say I’m foregoing personal opinions on the US Government and asking the body of Christ to pray heavily  for our brothers and sisters in Him.

If you’d like further info on the story see 

As I think upon the scenario overseas and compare it to the comments Mormons have made about Christians here it seems to pale in comparison, however, I feel that it’s important to always shed light on darkness. We mustn’t grow weary or make excuses not to defend the faith which always reminds me of what Walter Martin said; ‘The cults are the unpaid bills of the church’.

Back in the early days of Mormonism the threat of having your home pillaged was as real as it is for the Christian Iraqis today. If Smith didn’t approve of you or your beliefs when you spoke out there would be a price to pay.

To some extent that’s still true today for Christians living in Utah. I personally know Christians who’ve been  maligned, or lost jobs and homes because of the attitude some Mormons carry around with them.

While the majority of their rhetoric has tamed a bit, the tone in e-mails and/or comments on our sites has stayed the same. This is also true for my good friend Ed Decker at Saints Alive and other ministries who teach truth. There is no tolerance and no love towards outsiders. They’re still holding tight to the idea they’re the ‘only true church on earth’ and as late as today they still do.

Until the Church retracts past teachings and repents of their heretical ways we’re left to believe they’re in  agreement with the likes of Joe Smith and others before them.  LDS prophets like Ezra Benson was alive until 1994 and even today the Church is still endorsing their Book of Mormon which calls Christianity the ‘whore of Babylon’ so in reality, nothing has changed.

The list here is just a small sample of what we’ve collected over the past couple of years, but it serves as a clear statement that their hearts are no closer to Jesus than those persecuting the Iraqi Christians.

As always, we don’t publish these things to ‘bash’ the Mormon people. We do this to warn the body of Christ and let them know what the inner teachings of Mormonism really say. We also publish these things in hopes the Mormon people will see the Church as it really is. I know that when I was Mormon I hated Christians and I do mean hated them. The problem with my viewpoint was the lack of historical or biblical reasoning why I held onto such animosity.

If you’re Christian I’m asking that you pray for the Mormons alongside the Iraqi Christians. Pray that Jesus would open the eyes of the Mormon people just as He did for me!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18


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