For Mormons Jesus’ Shed Blood Not Worth Much

19 October

kneeling-at-the-cross1 The Seer, p. 255; “Jesus Christ did not shed His blood to save us in our sins, but to open a way whereby man might obtain forgiveness through Faith, Repentance, and Baptism: and no man can be saved who neglects either of these principles.” – Orson Pratt

Romans 5:8; “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

Every time I see a Mormon doctrine, or teaching, alluding to their belief that Jesus’ blood didn’t do anything but ‘pave the way’, I’m reminded of a song years ago by Twila Paris. The title of her song was quite simple, yet to the point.

What did He die for?

Here in 2016, we’re asking the same question…again. What did Jesus die for, if not to save you?

According to Mormonism, Jesus sweated blood at Gethsemane for sins. If this is all that was required to meet the demands of justice, what was the purpose of His death?

If you’re a Mormon, do you consider yourself saved? If so, how do you do that when Jesus’ blood didn’t save you?

Aren’t you still in your sins, right here, right now?

You see, His blood, and His death, were both required for our salvation. Notice in the two requirements, there’s nothing alluding to the works of man.

If you’re Mormon, we’re praying you’ll think about it.

What did He die for?
What did He die for?
When He died for you and me
Made the sacrifice

So that we could all be free
I believe we will answer each to heaven
For the way we spend a priceless liberty
Look inside and ask the question
What did he die for?
When He died for me

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