Mormons on the Internet

Times, they are a-changin’ as they say.  The Christian ministries that worked tirelessly to reach Mormons before the internet was a different era and imagination on how to reach out was mandatory.

With the invention of the internet roadways opened we never thought possible and the number of people we can reach has obviously grown exponentially so.

From the time the internet came into being until just the past year LDS Church members were told to stay away.  As the people hid in the corners of libraries or searched the net for themselves in the privacy of their own homes, people started leaving – in droves.  The Church had to do something about the onslaught so they embraced it – kind of.

While encouraging members to go online for missions purposes they’re still told by leaders not to engage with “anti-Mormon” sites like this one you’re reading now.  Many Mormons have obviously not received the memo – PTL!

Here are a few things we’ve seen in the past couple of years.

Bible Videos

God’s Condemnation on Sinners

We’re asking why the god of Mormonism couldn’t extend mercy and forgiveness for the woman caught in an adulterous relationship. The Mormon Bible video shows Jesus telling her to go her way and sin no more, but said nothing of forgiveness.

LDS Virgin Mary Bible Video

We’re wondering why Mormons tell a story about the Virgin Mary to the outside world when they don’t believe Jesus was begotten through the miraculous means of the Holy Spirit. Their canon tells a completely different story than the one portrayed in this video.

Family Share

We’re warning the public at large about Mormonism’s deceptive social media tactics to lure unsuspecting people into their web of lies. The Church likes to yank on the heartstrings of unsuspecting good people by offering a ‘safe’ internet resource for the family by supplying ideas for family vacations, activities and an all around information  portal.

What people don’t realize is the ‘Family Share’ program is nothing more than another way to trick people into worshiping a false god!  Beware!

Filthy Images and False Bloggers

Our thoughts on why the Church classifies Christian websites exposing Mormonism to porn.

Mormon Channel’s Facebook Page

Mormons on the Internet Now Doubting the Church

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