Mormons Deny Deity of God and Proclaim Deity of Man

06 March

thomas-monson1LDS First Presidency Message ‘Learn of Me,’ March 2016

As I read over this month’s first presidency message, it was easy to see how the Church has gone out of its way to hide the truth.

President Monson gave several pointers to members of the Church of how they could learn about Jesus, but honestly, not one single thing he mentioned spoke about the core Mormon doctrines they hold near and dear to their hearts.

For the sake of brevity, we’re looking at three of the main points he mentioned, but if you’d like to read his message in full, simply click on the embedded link above.

Point #1

“Testify to the true nature of the Godhead”

Nowhere in this entire message, did Mr. Monson speak about the true Mormon god.

Mormons teach God was once a man.

Mormon Doctrine, pp. 322-23, 517, 643; “God himself, the Father of us all, is a glorified, exalted immortal, resurrected man.” – Bruce McConkie
Journal of Discourses 6:3; “…God himself was once as we are now and is an exalted man and sits enthroned in yonder heavens…” – Joseph Smith, Jr., Nauvoo, IL, April 6, 1844
Improvement Era, Vol. 22, No. 8, June 1919, p. 656; “As man is, God once was: as God is, man may become.” – Lorenzo Snow

Point #2

“When we respond to the Lord’s gentle invitation, “Learn of me,” we become partakers of His divine power.”

They failed to mention that Mormons deny Jesus is actually God. In fact, Mormons denounce the Bible, and have refused the Jesus of the Bible. Instead, they believe their god became a god through the means of a sexual union between himself and one of his goddess wives.

Journal of Discourses 1:123; “Remember that God, our heavenly Father, was perhaps once a child, and mortal like we ourselves, and rose step by step in the scale of progress, in the school of advancement; has moved forward and overcome, until He has arrived at the point where He now is.” – Orson Hyde, Salt Lake City, October 6, 1853

The Making of Mormon Spirit Babies; “…The Apostle Orson Pratt said this in The Seer, pg. 37-38;“Each God, through his wife or wives, raises up a numerous family of sons and daughters…each father and mother will be in a condition to multiply forever and ever. As soon as each God has begotten many millions of male and female spirits, and his Heavenly inheritance becomes too small, to comfortably accommodate his great family, he, in connection with his sons, organizes anew world… where he sends both the male and female spirits to inhabit tabernacles of flesh and bones….”

Point #3

“The Holy Ghost gives us peaceful feelings to help us know that Jesus is real and loves us.”

There is absolutely nothing in the Bible directing us to believe any such thing. In fact, the Bible specifically tells us not to trust our feelings! Jeremiah 17:9

God is a Trinity (I Jn. 5:7), and the second Member of that Trinity is the Lord Jesus Christ. John 1:1 and John 1:14 tells us “the Word was made flesh.”

Jesus allowed Thomas to address Him as “My Lord and my God” in John 20:28. In Isaiah 9:6, He is called “The mighty God” and “The everlasting Father,” and we read in Micah 5:2 that Jesus is “from everlasting.”

Our Lord allowed people to worship him in John 10:38 and in Matthew 14:33. Mormons don’t believe this. Furthermore, the Bible also tells us Jesus is God inMat. 1:23, which means He also has power to forgive sins (Mk. 2:5). This too, is something Mormons deny.

Bottom line –

Mr. Monson’s message is filled with lies and rabbit trails leading to nowhere. Clearly, the Mormon Jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible!

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