Mormons are fond of retelling stories they’ve heard, and especially those of the faith promoting kind. It doesn’t matter if the evidence is lacking, as long as it helps to strengthen the faith of other members.

The claims are a sign of how desperate they are to prove the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. Our quick list here is in no particular order, but the first one is so popular, even non-members ask me about it all the time.

1.Fastest growing church in the world. This info simply isn’t true! The Church’s growth rate was the lowest it has been in over 80 years. Membership numbers given at the last General Conference, April 2018, show the Church’s inflated numbers claim an increase of 340,500 members, or 1.48%. The fastest growing Christian denomination is actually the Assemblies of God! See report from Pew Research Center. (Page accessed 7.28.2018)

2.No paid clergy. This is a lie too! We posted on this in April 2018 and provided copies of pay stubs for Mormon leaders. Shame on them! See Mormon Paid Clergy Lies.

3.The Smithsonian and Book of Mormon. For years as a member of the Church I heard stories on how the Smithsonian Institute used the Book of Mormon for research. After my exodus, my grandfather called to voice his displeasure with my behavior, and brought this subject up as if it would prompt me to do a 180. Once the internet was up and running, I e-mailed the Smithsonian after hearing other ministries had written in, asking for info on this. You can read their correspondence with me at Book of Mormon Artifacts and Metallurgy. Suffice it to say, they’ve never used the BoM for research, moreover there’s ample evidence proving the BoM to be false cover to cover.

4.The name of the Church. We hear from Mormons all the time that the name of their church is proof they’re the only true church. There are a myriad of ways this faith promoting rumor can be phrased. This particular one is what my family always uses in their baseless attempt of defending the Church. In reality, the LDS Church has gone through a number of name changes. This begs the question: Was it not true before their last change? For more info see our article, Chronology of Church’s Name.

5.Crickets & Seagulls. Every good Utah Mormon knows the story of when God sent in the seagulls who supposedly swooped in to save the crops from a cricket infestation and Mormon starvation. Hence, state bird of Utah is, you guessed it, the seagull. The name of our article here tells the real story…Even the Seagull Story is False!

When/if the Mormon you know brings up any of these topics, you can show them how the claims are without merit. Their time would be better spent studying God’s word, and learning about the true miracles He’s performed!


With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18