Mormonism is a Cult

19 October

“Mormonism is a Cult

Today (October 19, 2011) Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church here in Seattle posted an interesting and truthful article on the definition of a cult and investigation of whether Mormonism fits the description of such.


This is one of the best explanations of a cult I’ve read in a long time and I thank the pastor for providing the time and integrity he committed to this topic.

My heart hurts for this people.  I get no joy from posting the truth of what goes on in the Mormon Church and even after 18 years of salvation I still can’t believe I used to be part of that system.  The longer I’m out, the more attached I’ve become to Jesus and it’s hard to put into words – only that my heart hurts and grieves each and every day over this.

It’s easy to throw the word cult around for some of us and each time someone does, horror stories of Jim Jones and Hale-bop comes to mind.  But cults don’t fit the narrow definition of what those two cults did or how they operated.  As the pastor’s article states, “theologically speaking, Mormonism fits the description of a cult”.

Understanding that Mormonism took a sharp left turn and seriously deviated from historical and biblical Christianity puts a better understanding on the use of this term.  I don’t use this word or phrase lightly, nor do I ever want to portray that I am out to “bash” the Mormon people; far from it.

To gain a better understanding of why Mormonism is a cult take the time to read Pastor Driscoll’s article.

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