Mormonism and Grace

02 August

Quick thought on Mormons and Grace

Today on the Facebook page of their post reads:

“Mormons believe that through grace, the divine help and strength given through the mercy and love of Jesus Christ, all mankind will be resurrected. Through His grace, those who desire to change for the better and live according to His gospel will feel an enduring closeness to God in this life and live in His presence after this life. How have you felt the love of Jesus Christ in your life recently?”

Did you notice the wording there? Let me break it down for you and move past the political correctness of the language to tell you exactly what its saying.

First of all Mormons believe everyone whether good or bad, Mormon or non-Mormon, will be resurrected and receive eternal life. However, which level of the Mormon heaven they spend it in is another story.

According to Mormon doctrine grace is good enough to get you resurrected, but as you read further down the into comment you’ll see it’s not good enough to allow you communication with the Father.

Nooo, Mormonism is what will get you to that point.

The “desire to change” and live a better life they’re talking about is accepting Joseph Smith as a prophet, accepting the Book of Mormon as the word of God, being baptized into the Mormon Church, not drinking alcohol, tea or coffee, not smoking, attending the temple, and the list goes on.

And after you do all that, then maybe, just maybe you can feel close to Jesus. Just don’t mess up or the Holy Spirit will flee from you faster than a politician’s promise on Election Day. 😉

This comment serves as a reminder to me of all the Lord has done for me. He saved me from this mindless nonsense, and has given me eternal life. Even when I mess up He’s still there and will never forsake me. And I don’t have to join a particular church to feel close to Him. Praise God!!

In Christ;

Melissa Grimes

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