Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 362 “President Joseph Smith said: — … I want to make a proclamation to the Elders. … I have another revelation in relation to economy in the Church—a great, grand, and glorious revelation. … You know there has been great discussion in relation to Zion—where it is, and where the gathering of the dispensation is, and which I am now going to tell you. The prophets have spoken and written upon it; but I will make a proclamation that will cover a broader ground. The whole of America is Zion itself from north to south, and is described by the Prophets, who declare that it is the Zion where the mountain of the Lord should be, and that it should be in the center of the land. When Elders shall take up and examine the old prophecies in the Bible, they will see it.”

1 Kings 8:1 “Then Solomon assembled the elders of Israel, and all the heads of the tribes, the chief of the fathers of the children of Israel, unto king Solomon in Jerusalem, that they might bring up the ark of the covenant of the LORD out of the city of David, which is Zion.”

Mr. Smith chose to falsely prophesy about Zion’s location, but truth stands forever, just as God’s word!

As I’ve stated in the past, you can worship the rocks in your backyard and call them ‘God’, but that doesn’t make it true. The same can be said for what Smith did with the meaning of Zion.

The transliteration for Zion is ‘ṣiyyôn’. Strong’s Talking Greek and Hebrew Dictionary defines it this way –

‘the same (regular) as <H6725> (tsiyuwn); Tsijon (as a permanent capital), a mountain of Jerusalem :- Zion.’

Smith obviously didn’t care too much for what the prophets had to say about Zion so he decided he’d just randomly change its meaning, and location. How sad for the Mormon people who blindly accept this nonsense, and carry on as if nothing’s amiss.

We’re praying the Mormon people would stop to think about this when doing their homework, and then accept the fact that Zion is Jerusalem, not America!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18