In Mormonism, the four word phrase ‘dust of the earth’ is loaded with various meanings. For brevity ‘s sake we’re taking a quick look at just two of them.

One can see in this first definition that it’s somewhat similar to what our Lord tells us in the Bible. Adam was created from the dust of the earth.

In reality, Mormonism doesn’t believe this as they actually believe the gods gathered elements from the earth and elsewhere, to organize Adam’s bodily composition. Oh dear…

Check out this first meaning from Bruce McConkie’s definition –

Mormon Doctrine, p. 209; “DUST. See DEATH, ELEMENTS, GRAVES. Those natural elements that make up the physical earth are sometimes referred to in the scriptures as dust. Thus Adam was created from the dust of the ground meaning that the physical body which he received was created from the elements of the earth. (Gen. 2:7; Moses 3:7; Abra. 5:7; D. & C. 77:12.) Similarly all men are created from the dust of the earth; that is, the elements organized into a mortal body are assembled together through the birth process. (Moses 6:69.)” – Bruce R. McConkie

It’s interesting they use the Bible as a reference, and at the same time don’t believe it.

Genesis 2:7; “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

The 2nd definition is just as bad as the first one.

Mormon Doctrine, p 209; “The Book of Mormon is, of course, repeatedly referred to in the scriptures as a voice from the dust. (Isa. 29:4; 2 Ne. 3:19-20; 26:15-16; 27:9; 33:13; Morm. 8:23-26; Moro. 10:27.) …” – Bruce R. McConkie

When you have time, be sure to talk about this with the Mormon in your life!

The warning from Isaiah isn’t a good one. The voice from the dust in Hebrew is ‘ob’ and it means a prattling of a familiar spirit, which of course is evil, and has to do with witchcraft.

Isaiah 29:4; “And thou shalt be brought down, and shalt speak out of the ground, and thy speech shall be low out of the dust, and thy voice shall be, as of one that hath a familiar spirit, out of the ground, and thy speech shall whisper out of the dust.”

If you truly love the Lord, why would you want to trust, or even read, another ‘gospel’?

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18