Mormon Temple Videos

18 August

Mormon Temple Videos

It’s hard to encapsulate into one word or even one phrase what it’s like going through the rituals in the Mormon temple.

The majority of people are immediately besieged with a creepy feeling from their experience, present company included.  While I personally wasn’t married in the temple or went through sealing ceremonies with my parents, I was baptized for the dead on numerous occasions.

One of my volunteers, Melissa, was married in the temple and was considered an active temple worthy Mormon from the time of her conversion to when she left the Church which lasted thirteen years.  She too has shared her experiences of having that same feeling in the DC temple in the ‘90’s that I experienced in the Ogden temple back in the ‘70’s.  I find it hard to believe it’d be a coincidence.

Last year we were alerted to a series of videos on Youtube containing secretly videotaped rituals that take place in the temples. We’ve been posting them on our site as “Noah” posts them on Youtube and he’s contacted me to assure us there are more to come. I told him I’d be posting them as they come along.

I want to make it clear we’re not posting them to be sensationalistic or to bash the Mormon people. Rather, they’re a tool to remind the body of Christ to pray and hopefully the Mormons will see them and realize just how wrong these things are.

With Love in Christ;

Michelle Grim

Episode 1: Veil Instructions

Episode 2: Secret Handshakes

Episode 3: Welcome to Mitt Romney’s World

Episode 4: Baptisms for the Dead

Episode 5: Chants and Costumes

Episode 6: Inside the Mormon Prayer Circle

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