Mormon Missionaries Unprepared

22 May

mormon_missionariesYesterday I made a comment if the missionaries knocked on my door today I’d ask them about D&C 27:11 that’s still cemented in LDS canon.  Well guess what?

As I was putzin’ around the house this evening a knock at the door told me I wouldn’t be doing that for much longer…

On my front porch were two young guys in white shirts and ties.  When I saw the two 18  year old boys, Abraham and Trevor, I knew why God had freed up my evening. Not sure where Trevor is from here in the States, but Abraham is from Congo.

The two young men learned for the first time tonight that their scriptures are racist and they’ve been changed. After a few minutes of talking I told them about my DNA and shared one of the reasons I left the Church was because of the race issue.  I asked them what they thought of their Jesus who was a created being and the brother of Lucifer and why their scriptures refer to the Lamanites as dark and loathsome while the Nephites are always white and delightsome.

Of course they looked confused and Trevor wanted to share a verse from the BoM that says God ‘wants all to come unto him’. 2 Nephi 26:33

After insisting he read it aloud I asked him to read 2 Nephi 30:6 which says their scales of darkness will fall from their eyes (Lamanites). Then I asked him why my BoM says white and delightsome, but his says ‘pure and delightsome’.  He asked if he could see it so I went and got my 1980 BoM saying as much and they asked to look at it firsthand.

They both looked shocked.  Trevor had never heard the Church had changed any scriptures before and Abraham’s eyes were as wide as saucers.

I asked them to look at 2 Nephi 25:23 which plagiarized Paul in Ephesians 2:8-9 and then added their own twist at the end by saying after all you can do.  They’d never heard of the book of Ephesians, but I think they had just forgotten about it.

I also asked why the Book of Mormon didn’t contain any of the central teachings of Mormonism like God was once a man, salvation means man will become gods, polygamy is needed for true salvation, families are forever, pre-existence, temple marriages are mandatory and of course baptisms for the dead.

Abraham said he had never thought about it before. Oh be still my heart!

I asked if they knew with certainty they’d go to heaven if they died tonight.  After blathering on a few minutes Trevor finally convinced himself he would. Abraham stood silent.  So I asked him what his thoughts were on that and he said he hoped he would be found worthy enough after his work was done.

Next I talked about Jesus’ spilt blood on the cross and asked both why the Church hated Christians. I shared they could read about it from 1st Nephi and Joseph Smith’s testimony.  They said they didn’t feel that way, but I wonder about that one…

They hadn’t heard of the Adam-God theory promulgated by early church leaders which didn’t surprise me at all. I shared how modern leaders have disavowed the teachings yet it’s still found in D&C 27:11. Trevor sounded deeply concerned the Church would do such a thing.

We’re asking that you pray for these young men if you would!  I’m certain I presented them with more info than they had before knocking on my front door and I’m confident the Lord won’t allow His word to come back void!

Thanks for praying and God bless!


1 Cor 1:18

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