Today we’re looking at a couple of e-mails we’ve received. We’re doing this to bring attention to the dire need of prayers for these dear Mormons. You can find their comments, and our response below, along with the links for the articles.

Just as it’s always been with LAM, if you find anything on our sites that is incorrect, we ask that you let us know so we can publicly apologize, and remove the misinformation! The one thing we do not want is for false info being spread about Mormonism, or the truth about the God of the Bible!

E-mail #1 ~ 

Moroni for Your Christmas Tree

From: Tad Butt ~

“If you wish to criticize someone else’s believe you ought to first try and understand it. Mormons do not worship Moroni. We worship Jesus Christ, as the name of our church states. Many tree toppers are angels and many are gold colors as are many stars that also top Christmas trees. Your comparison to the golden calf is way out of line!
Moroni represents an angel blowing his trumpet to herald the return of Jesus Christ to the earth in the last days. Mormons await this day along with many Christians. I urge you to stop criticizing things you obviously know nothing about.”

LAM’s Response ~

Dear Tad,

Thanks for writing in to us at Life After Ministries! We want you to know we’re praying for you!

We must obviously disagree with your analysis of our look at the Christmas tree topper. As we all know, Moroni is a symbol of the Moroni found in the Book of Mormon.

That Moroni was supposedly a resurrected man, turned angel who lived c. 400 AD.

There’s nothing in the Bible suggesting men are morphed into angels who then come professing a gospel found buried in the ground somewhere on the American Continent.

There are numerous other troubling items concerning the whole Moroni story you can read in our investigations at Moroni, the Angel of Light. One of the most eye opening truths can be found in Joseph Smith’s own words about his experience with Moroni. See Moroni, Who was He? for the full story. Reading over his version of events sent a chill down my spine as he revealed a story that mirrored events of when Peter denied Jesus.

Tad, this Moroni fellow isn’t just a harmless angel sitting atop a Christmas tree, nor is it a benign gold star adorning trees. This is much more than that, and great care should be taken into finding the truth behind all things. The Lord tells us to test the spirits in 1 John 4:1, therefore, this is what we’ve done.

We pray you’ll check these references out for yourself.

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18

E-mail #2 ~

BoM Greek & Latin Word Chart

From: Cody ~

“You know what you should’ve done? Make a list of English words in the Book of Mormon….that would’ve really exposed Joseph Smith and our religion would tumble to the ground”

LAM’s Response ~

Dear Cody –

We wanted to thank you for writing to Life After Ministries, and let you know we’re praying for you!

We’re sorry you didn’t agree with our analysis, but pray you’ll forego the sarcasm and do an honest inventory of what we’ve presented.

I clearly remember being angry and put off as a Mormon whenever someone suggested I study the writings of the Church. It made me feel stupid, and I was offended if/when people questioned Joseph Smith. Although I knew some things didn’t add up, it never occurred to me that I should study all things in context.

When I began doing this, teachings of the Bible clearly showed how Joseph Smith’s version of the gospel was filled with egregious lies fraught with error. The many instances of Greek and Latin words in the BoM is just one example.

We hope to hear from you soon Cody, and don’t forget that we’re praying for you!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18