Mormon E-mails November 2011

The Mormon e-mails we’ve received in the past couple of months have been brutal.  I’m asking all our Christian friends and supporters to lift us in prayer during this time and pray for the Mormons as well.  For whatever reasons their correspondence with us has been less than stellar in the Christian values they claim to espouse.

We’ve also had a fair amount of people who’ve commented on our blog here that I’ve had to blacklist.  I’ll be posting an article about this later in the week.

The first e-mail I’ve listed here is only one example of the dozens I’ve received.  After some editing I’m posting it to use as an example.  The others are just too graphic for me to do anything with.  Also keep in mind that I haven’t corrected the spelling and/or grammar errors, so if you’re a stickler on this we apologize in advance!   (My personal opinion is that this Diane person is actually a Mormon.)

Typically when Mormons write in they’re angry and I understand that anger.  I remember well how irritated I used to be with anyone who went out of their way to speak out against the Mormons whom I considered to be my people.

I am praying Mormons will continue to write in so we can have a decent dialogue with them.  When the conversation turns to name calling, vulgar language and just outright ugly behavior, I won’t respond.  I’m convinced these outbursts are Satan’s way to divert our attention from our purpose and the mission God gave us to do.

And my offer still stands.  If there’s anything on any of my websites that is factually incorrect, please, let me know exactly where it is and I’ll remove it immediately from all the sites.  Having an opposing view does not qualify.

Above all else I have to tell the Mormons the same story I always tell and will continue to tell the rest of my life.

 I love my people more than words can say.  Leaving Mormonism was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life.  The only thing that rivaled the pain of my exodus was when I buried my daughter Mallory.  Leaving my heritage and culture was an excruciating process, but denying Jesus would’ve been worse in my eyes.  I couldn’t bear the thought of what eternity would be like without Him if I denied Him here.

Don’t think that because I take a stand against the heresies that I’m a hard-nose bully towards the Mormon people.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  However, I will not allow any of my websites to be a platform for the Church to come in and harass or intimidate those who are questioning Mormonism.  This is a free country and you can have as many websites as you want to do that – this isn’t one of them.

The last two e-mails listed here are actually what we typically see and compared to the latest thing going on they’re a breath of fresh air.  We’re praying for them all, angry or not!

With Love in Christ; Michelle


I’m an x-Morman, however, I like to look at facts and not (bleeped out).  Will I’m not (obviously) a big supporter of the church, its apparent to me you know nothing about LDS culture or beliefs. First, i find it odd that you have a website devoted to tearing down another religion, while the LDS church does NOT have any website devoted to tearing down anyone….You sound like a grade school bully–you don’t prop yourself up–all you do is tear down someone else. Truth should set itself free, you don’t have to tear someone else down to build yourself up. your site is offensive, juvenile, and silly. Oh ya….Just because the  Nicaean council decided Jesus and God were one, yes,  thats right, uninlighted men that decided  that,  oh and you just decided that was right? Why? Did God tell anyone that? Nice job! It must be true!  Jesus was talking to Himself on the cross. Because (bleeped out) in the middle ages told you so. You guys (bleeped out) morons. Build yourself up. But tearing down someone else’s belief is juvenile and silly, and gives me a hint that satan is behind your work, because a true church would only build on truth and not worry about what everyone else was doing. BTW,  you don’t get to DEFINE was a “Christian” is, sorry, you don’t own the rights, get over yourself–I’m so sorry you feel so threatened by the LDS church, they obviously don’t (bleeped out) you…then again, because (bleeped out), why should they?
Your friend in Christ,


Ethan John

ok just curious

how many times have you attended LDS church?

O.M.Goshhhh   no waaay


First I want to tell you I am a member of LDS and very proud of that fact. I know that Joesph Smith is was a Prophet of Heavenly Father. You know they say that the true church will be attacked in the latter Days.  And that is just what you people are doing. I will pray for you for you know what is right  and cutting down the Mormons isn’t right… you don’t have any true facts. Why don’t you Pray to God and ask him what is true… or are you afraid that you might find out that you are wrong..

  Take care