Mormon Dilemmas 21

01 July

Human Spirit is Eternal

Mormonism teaches that the human spirit is eternal.  (Moses 3:7, 4:1-2)  If this is the case then how is it one spirit can be less intelligent because of their choices made in the pre-existence with the Heavenly Father of this earth if they were already in existence before he spiritually begat them?  Wouldn’t it stand to reason the intelligence of that spirit had always been the way they are?  Why then would they be punished for this on earth with a black skin?

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One Response to “Mormon Dilemmas 21”

  1. shematwater July 2, 2011 at 9:29 pm #

    The problem with using this as a dilemma is that no religion really answers all questions regarding existence before this earth. Even for those who believe that this earth was created from nothing by God who is eternal, one must wonder what God was doing during all the eternities before he created, and why he chose to create it at all.

    The dilemma arises only if you insist on a religion answering every single question right now, and are not patient enough to wait. But then, if this is the case no religion is without dilemma.

    However, if you want a logical explanation, it is really rather simply. Take the case of twins. Both have lived for the same amount of time, but one is a criminal who spends most of his time in prison, and is barely able to read, while the other is a respected person of the community holding a doctorate decree from Harvard. Why is this? Because the time spent in existence does not matter as much as the choices we make with what to do with our time.

    Thus, if two people of the same age can attain such radically different levels of intelligence in this life, why is it so implausible that spirits can attain such different levels in eternity?

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