Mormon Dilemmas 17

22 June

Five Reasons the Book of Mormon is Confusing

Especially for Missionaries, vol. 1; The purpose of the Book of Mormon is fivefold. First, it stands as a second testament or witness for Jesus Christ. Second, it authenticates the Bible. Third, it shows the goodness of God to his children. Fourth, it makes people aware of the promises that God has made to his children. And fifth, it restores to earth many plain and precious truths that have been lost since the fulness of the gospel existed.

1 Peter 1:25; But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.

1. The Bible tells us not to listen to other “testaments”.

2. The Bible stands alone and doesn’t need authentications from other books.

3. The Book of Mormon does not show the goodness of God to his children.  The theme of the Book of Mormon can be found in Alma 50:20 – you obey or you’re cut off forever.

4.  The Bible already told the people of the promises God made.

5. The last reason for the Book of Mormon actually negates the second reason.  Now you’re saying the Bible isn’t true but the Book of Mormon authenticates that?

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